If the gums bleed

A very frequent cause of gum bleeding is improper hygiene of the oral cavity. To believe advertising toothbrushes and toothpastes is not worth it, since the cause of this pathology is banal and elementary. The gums bleed more often due to calculus, which is formed most of the time in the outlet of the ducts of the salivary glands. On the upper jaw is the area of chewing teeth, on the lower jaw - under the tongue at the bottom of the mouth right next to the front teeth of the lower jaw.

What causes the absence of a tooth

At first glance, the absence of a tooth is not a big problem, since the idea that there are other teeth that will help in chewing almost always occurs and the restoration of the lost tooth is postponed in the long box. Meanwhile, in the area of the absent tooth there is a series of irreversible processes that complicate and increase the cost of the treatment process in the future.

The reasons for which you need to restore lost teeth ...


Everyone knows that with age, to preserve the natural whiteness of teeth is not easy, but from the point of view of dentists, it is not possible at all. But even with the utmost hygiene of the oral cavity, a noticeable unaesthetic plaque forms on the teeth. And to remove it it becomes possible only with the help of bleaching. However, such procedures are very often not recommended. After all, frequent bleaching destroys the enamel necessary to protect our teeth from external influences. In addition, there are people who, in principle, do not tolerate this operation. And for some, the deterrent is the need to almost completely abandon coffee, wine and other tinting products.

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